Top Foods in My Town? Hmmmm…

Erl recently challenged me to put together a list of “Top Foods in Your Town.” Honestly, I’ve been more impressed by the food my friends have made or that local grocers have provided than I have been by meals dished up by the pros in this town! So, here’s an unconventional list of favorite eats courtesy of San Franciscans both public and private

Metamorphosis and Faulty Memories

I grew up in rural Illinois, with pretty amazing parents, and I spent a lot of time — and I do mean a lot of time — outside. Sure, there was playing in the lake and the creek, and there were garden chores and yard mowing, but there were also school projects and non-school educational projects. My favorite of these amateur naturalist activities, I think, was the leaf collection. But another project that I’d more or less forgotten about was watching caterpillars metamorphose. Until last week. Read more