I’m passionate about creating an informed, engaged public.

I am the Chief Audience Officer at Chicago Public Media. Previously, I was the vice president of strategy and operations at ProPublica, the director of product at GigaOM Research, the research manager for the California Clean Energy Fund, a co-founder of Climate Confidential, and the managing editor of Sustainable Industries magazine. I’ve also been a freelancer writer and independent consultant.

My work — across journalism, research, and product development — centers on listening to people, analyzing data, identifying patterns, and solving problems. As a media leader, I am inspired by efforts to refashion the news business to meet the needs and interests of communities while sustaining the journalists who create it.  

I believe that playful, creative engagement is critical to developing communities where trust, respect, and collaborative problem-solving are possible. That’s why I’m a trustee with two chapters of the Awesome (AwesomeNYC and Awesome on the Water) and an active board member member of the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, where I co-organize paddle-in movie nights, concerts, and other cultural events on my favorite local Superfund site. I also represent the club on the EPA’s Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group. 

As a journalist, I covered innovation and the environment for more than a decade. I continue to advocate for better science communication as a board member for the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing.

Also, I love riding my bicycle and exploring urban waterways around the world.

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