Top Foods in My Town? Hmmmm…

YUM: Chicken and waffles at Gussie's!

So, Erl recently challenged me to put together a list of “Top Foods in Your Town.” I was impressed with her list, and got excited to think about my list, too. And then, I stalled.

When I was living in Portland, I could name a dozen items that would live on such a list in an instant. I could even probably name a dozen in a given category. But when it came to San Francisco, I balked. I could think of some good meals I’ve had, but could I think of a full, interesting list? No. That depressed me to no end — have I really not done that much good eating in San Francisco?

Thankfully, the answer is no. But, honestly, I’ve been more impressed by the food my friends have made or that local grocers have provided than I have been by meals dished up by the pros in this town! So, here’s an unconventional list of favorite eats courtesy of San Franciscans both public and private:

  1. Sweet potato waffles with a chicken thigh at Gussies Chicken and Waffles
  2. Chicken pili pili at Julia & Laura’s. (The giant flames were especially exciting.)
  3. The waffle-cut kohlrabi salad with capers at Schmidt’s
  4. Lamburgers at Erl‘s.
  5. The brandade gratin (esp. the classic cod) at Foreign Cinema
  6. Those amazing veggie enchiladas Aneesa Andrea made for Book Club
  7. The chocolate chip cookies at Mixt Greens (really!)
  8. Pup’s epic aloo gobi
  9. The veggie burritos (and simple tacos) at Taqueria Vallarta
  10. Chocolate ice cream with sea salt and bergamot-scented olive oil at Bi-Rite Creamery
  11. The asparagus, goat cheese, and poached egg panini at Stable Cafe
  12. The steaks from Marin Sun Farms. Especially that filet mignon.
  13. Saint Benoit yogurt. Plain.
  14. Sightglass Coffee.
  15. The borlotti bean salad at the now defunct Bacar
  16. The little fried fish at nopa (among other deliciousness they serve up)

In the spirit of discovering new things, I encourage Stepho, Love Letters to SF, Very Very Tasty and Not So Plain Jane to share their lists, too!

One response to “Top Foods in My Town? Hmmmm…”

  1. Hooray! I, too, very much enjoyed some of those ho-made items. Thanks for playing!

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