OSIsoft Case Study: UC San Diego’s Microgrid

I recently worked with the teams at OSIsoft and Sustainable Industries to publish a case study looking at the UC San Diego’s microgrid. Today, the campus produces 92% of its own energy. It’s striving to go further with a combination of new clean energy resources, additional on-site generation and storage, and innovative demand-reduction strategies.

Natural Selection — Sustainable Industries

“Biomimicry tantalizes […] with promises of a future in which abundant energy is provided by solar cells that gather and store energy as efficiently as leaves; of cities filled with cleverly curved buildings constructed of lighter, stronger,and more flexible bone-like materials; and of computers that learn processing power from our human brains. In reality, biomimicry has emerged more gradually, primarily in small victories won at the inter-section of modern science and current manufacturing practices.” — Read more