Sharing Public Data: Fire Incidents, San Francisco 2004-2015

For a project earlier this spring, I submitted a request for a 10-year incident report from the city of San Francisco for structural fires.

It was relatively painless to get the data that I wanted, but it did take a few days to get. So, I’m posting the PDF here, in case anyone wants to use the data we were able to get. (Additionally, the wonderful Charles Kaïoun converted that PDF to Excel. I haven’t cleaned the data — and it appears there are some issues from the original that need to be addressed, so proceed with caution — but I am sharing it here, as well.)

Grab the data:

Accompanying letter: 

Dear C. LeCompte:

The Department has undertaken a diligent search in an attempt to provide any and all records that could reasonably be identified as responsive to your verbal request for public records. Your request sought the following:


· List of all structural fires that occurred in San Francisco from 2001 to present.

As a result of the search, the Department has queried data and is providing records which may be considered responsive to your request. Please refer to the attached electronic file.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: Entries contained in the attached report (including all monetary fire loss estimates) are intended for the sole use of the State Fire Marshal. Estimations and evaluations represent “most likely” and “most probable” cause and effect. Any representation as to the validity or accuracy of reported conditions (including all monetary fire loss estimates) outside the State Fire Marshal’s office is neither intended nor implied.

The San Francisco Fire Department has provided all records and/or information it has been able to reasonably identify in response to your request.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Records Officer, Rhab Boughn, at (415) 558-3384 or via email at Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Joanne Hayes-White

By: FF/PM Rhab Boughn
Compliance & Public Records Officer

cc: Mark Gonzales, Deputy Chief of Operations
Raymond Guzman, Deputy Chief of Administration

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