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So, I’m really excited about the work that we’re doing over at Climate Confidential. This our second month running, and we are really getting our sea legs. Our editorial team is hitting it’s stride, and we’re staring to line up some stories for later this year that I’m really excited about. A lot of great reporting getting underway, and some amazing partners signing on to collaborate with us. I can’t wait to share more of the news in the coming months.

But today, we have just finished up a great series on smart city technology, edited by moi. I’m especially excited that our final piece, on wearable tech, is available to anyone to read and republish. Because we are funded by regular monthly subscribers and monthly sponsors (nearly all individuals who have ponied up funds to support independent journalism, bless them!), our stories are paid for before they publish. That means we don’t depend on advertising (and advertisers) to pay the bills. Once a month, we share a story with all of the Internet, publishing one feature story under a Creative Commons attribution license. Scientific American and The Atlantic have both run the story, and we welcome anyone else who is interested to do so!  It’s a Creative Commons attribution license, so all we ask for is a link back and a byline.

I’m really proud of our team, and grateful to our subscribers, for making this possible. Intel, our sponsor for the Smart Cities issue, has has also been hugely helpful in giving us the flexibility and support to test and refine our thinking about how this part of our business model works.

This month, in our free-to-share feature, Amy Westervelt Girvan takes a look at how ‘wearable’ tech may help make the massive amount of data generated by the smart city into something we can actually use to improve our lives and make better environmental choices. Read the whole story here.

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