First Read: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

The AP just published its review of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, which is being released this month.

I worked on this book as a developmental editor for over a year—among the final stages of a five-year project—as it was taken into the fold at Oxford University Press (thanks to our amazingly supportive editor Dana Bliss). Over those long months of work, I had the pleasure of seeing Laura Erickson-Schroth‘s vision assume the shape of a massive resource book, written by dozens of contributors from all over the country. 

This review makes me feel like we achieved what she hoped for: an educational and empowering resource that won’t allow the diversity and complexity of trans* experience to be oversimplified. Laura pulled together a hugely diverse community to put together a book that many people can open up and say, “That’s me.”

The process was full of ups and downs and heartache, to be sure. It was also one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and a testament to what people can do if they agree to work together, despite their differences. I was honored to be part of that process, and I look forward to seeing the book become better and better over time, in further editions, with feedback and input from even more parts of the trans* community. Thanks, Laura, for letting me be part of it.

Learn more about the book, and the nonprofit, here.

One response to “First Read: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves”

  1. What a great project! I can feel your delight at seeing the finished product being released. I know what it’s like to be part of something big that makes a difference.

    I think you might enjoy participating in the conversation going on at my blog regarding the power of sex roles, and how they influence people’s gender identity. I would love to read your thoughts.

    I hope you are enjoying your celebration of the book’s birth!

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