Profile: Modular Robotics — RBR

I’ve been working on quite a few large projects over the past few weeks, so I haven’t had many new bylines to share. However, I’ve profiled a few great startups for Robotics Business Review, including Modular Robotics, a Colorado-based company that’s connected to the broader community of “makers” that I’ve been writing about over the past year (more on that soon).

Modular Robotics

For many companies, the toy market is an opportunity to quickly get revenue-generating product out into the market, without having to clear the high hurdles associated with industrial, military, or commercial purchasing. It can also help companies work out the bugs in their technology, sourcing, or manufacturing processes before launching products where reliability and performance are critical to customers. Or, it can offer opportunities to get playful about how technology works, products are designed, or even how they’re manufactured.

But even if companies aren’t interested in testing a product out in the toy space, there’s plenty to be learned from the changing sector. The last few years have seen a resurgence of the robotic toy industry, driven by the plummeting cost of chips and sensors, the explosion of crowdfunding campaigns, and a growing base of tech-savvy consumers. These are trends that are also affecting the broader robotics business, and companies can learn a lot about how to leverage their potential from the experience of Boulder, Colo.-based Modular Robotics.

Read the full story ($):

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