Introducing Climate Confidential

This week, I’m launching a new reporting project, Climate Confidential.

Co-founded with five of my favorite independent journalists, we’ll be publishing at least one new story each week focused on the intersection of environment and technology.

I’ll be writing about manufacturing, making, and supply chain stuff. The others will be delving into topics including the water-energy nexus, renewable energy technologies, urban mobility, human health, and more. My co-founders — Amy Westervelt, Erica Gies, Josie Garthwaite, Mary Catherine O’Connor, and Ucilia Wang — and I have all been on our beats long enough—10 years or more—that we can provide real context and insight. We’ve written for big-name pubs like NYT, WSJ, Scientific American, The Economist, Wired, and Outside.

Now we want to write for you.

We’re using a platform called Beacon, which will allow us to focus on content rather than advertisers, and on building relationships with readers instead of on building a website. But we can only make this work if we bring in at least 800 subscribers before March 5.  

Come be a publisher. Hire us as your team of ace reporters: just $5 per month. We promise to do great work.

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