Macon Money: Social Games Meets Social Impact

Macon Money, a Knight Foundation-funded social-impact game aimed at strengthening community ties and bolstering economic revitalization in Macon, Ga., got a writeup this last week in the Nieman Journalism Lab blog. Interesting read that touches on civic engagement and media business models:

The project from the start required rethinking how to define the people that Macon Money aimed to reach, a task that is easily transferrable to “newsrooms that want to engage their constituents,” Goldfin said. When you start reconceptualizing how communities can be grouped, you can innovate cost-effective ways to reach them — whether it’s through games, content sections, events, tweet-ups, or some other channel.

“We usually define audiences or communities by very traditional demographics, but that no longer needs to be the limitation,” she said. “You can define communities through interest, rather than age. It’s the bigger picture. One size doesn’t fit all.”

Read the whole story

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