High Line miscellany

A complicated bird feeder on the High Line. Photo by Steven Severinghaus.

I’ve been a casual cross-country observer of New York’s High Line project for some time. I must have read about it in Metropolis magazine, back in 2004/2005, when I was a religious cover-to-cover reader. But the fame of the project seems to have reached a fever pitch over the last few months, and I’m constantly seeing little updates about it. For example, I saw a bunch of linkbacks to The Dirt, which published this interview with one of the co-founders of the project. And now, this week, new designs for the rail yards section were unveiled. Also, my friend Steve has taken some lovely photos at the High Line since he moved to New York. I really enjoy his photography, in general, and this seemed a good excuse to link to them.

It’s interesting to see this project unfolding over all these years; I feel as though it’s very unusual for projects of this sort to hold such engaged public attention over such a long time period. I like it. I don’t have anything really substantive to say about it, but — yeah. I like it.

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