Adventures in Portland

I recently took a week-long trip up to Portland, Ore., where I popped in for a visit at FMYI’s brand-new offices at the Leftbank Project. The visit provided some fodder for two articles, both of which have now been published on The GigaOM Network.

  • With Social Media, FMYI Makes Enterprise Collaboration Pay
    A Portland startup blends elements of Facebook, Basecamp and other web-based tools to help business people work together better. Read more
  • How Co-working is Working in Portland
    Portland, Ore., has had more than its fair share of trouble from the current recession. It has seen the biggest drop in employment of any metro area in the country, with the jobless rate a dismal 12.2% in June. Mixed with that gloom, though, are some sunny spots—notably the city’s co-working spaces, or shared offices. Read more

I really enjoyed this chance to write about the tech community in Portland. When I lived in Portland before (Aug. 2004 – Nov. 2007), I was immersed in sustainability — which is how I found out about FMYI and the Leftbank Project in the first place — not technology. I barely even knew there was a tech scene, to be honest. But working as a technology reporter in the Bay Area has given me a new lens for viewing the city and its culture, and I hope to have more opportunities to learn more.

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