A Peek at What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve been neglecting this site for a while, so I thought I’d update anyone who happens to drop by with some details about what projects have been keeping me busy.

Yesterday was Earth2Tech’s first conference, Green:Net, here in San Francisco. I moderated a panel on software, with Jeremy Jaech, the CEO of Verdiem; Richard Barber, the CTO of CarbonFlow; Jonathan Gay, founder of Greenbox; Raffi Krikorian, co-founder of Wattzon; and Alex Wissner-Gross, founder of CO2 Stats. I’ll also did some short video interviews with speakers, including folks from Dell, Cisco, GE, IBM and Microsoft. They’ll be up on the Earth2Tech site soon — I’ll post links when they’re available.

I also recently completed two feature articles. One, inspired by my experience with the “greening of Green:Net,” was for MPI’s ONE+ magazine; it’s a piece on alternatives to standard carbon offsets for events. It takes a look at how some event planners are reinvesting the money they could have spent on carbon offsets in other ways: local projects, deep carbon accounting, and more. The other, out this month from Sustainable Industries, looks at new business models in the recycling industry. (Get a sneak peek here!)

And finally, the Spot.Us story on solar power in the Bay Area that I helped edit also got some good news this month: On Earth magazine is going to publish the story and refund the original donors. I met with Dave Cohn just before that happened to talk about the Spot.Us project, and I’m really looking forward to being involved in the project going forward. While it’s a bad time for the media business, it’s a pretty exciting time for media on the content side — there’s a lot of opportunity to experiment and explore.

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