My work — across journalism, research, and product development — centers on in-depth interviewing, analyzing data, identifying patterns, and solving problems.

I’m passionate about creating an informed, engaged public. I am inspired by what’s happening in open news, solutions journalism, and a variety of other efforts to refashion the news business to meet the needs and interests of a growing audience while sustaining the journalists who create it.

I think business model innovation is at the core of sustaining strong journalism and the communities it serves. To that end, I have:

  • developed and launched new revenue-focused projects for Sustainable Industries magazine
  • was part of the team that launched Gigaom Research (RIP)
  • consulted with other publishers on revenue-focused product development and editorial strategy
  • raised $65,000 in crowdfunding for a one-year reporting project on technology and the environment with 5 other kick-ass environmental journalists (two of whom are continuing it).

I love working with teams, and have been a managing editor, product manager, and the editor of a 100-author health and wellness guide for trans people.

As an independent journalist, I wrote a column on innovative startups in the robotics space, and reported original stories for Scientific American, The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Outside, BusinessWeek, and other outlets. (You can see some recent work here.)

I was an editor and author of research on clean energy finance and clean technology, and have written or contributed to a variety of research reports for PricewaterhouseCoopers, GigaOM Pro, Kachan & Co, and others.

Currently, I’m part of the 2015 class of fellows at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard.

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